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Gustav Schnabel founded the first porcelain-producing company in Desná in 1869. He started with the production of utility ceramics, porcelain crockery, smoking pipes, fonts and bracelets. His aim was to replace glass production with porcelain for some kinds of the products. Glass was very demanded those days.

In 1930 Richard Rösler bought the factory after a big fire. As late as 1933 the new owner managed to restore the production activities. He concentrated on the production of porcelain packaging materials (ointment pots and packages), but he also continued with the production of porcelain crockery. The porcelain factory was nationalized in 1945 and its production stopped. The production restarted in 1946 and the following years saw the factory incorporation into state-owned companies called STEPO Karlovy Vary (1947), Jizerské porcelánky (1949), ELEKTROPORCELÁN Louny - EPL (1958) that was the member of the concern ZSE Praha. After the ZSE concern had fallen apart, EPL Louny remained a state-owner firm with six plants. The plant 062 in Desná was one of these six factories.

Present time

The company Jizerská porcelánka s.r.o., founded by a group of technical workers and management members of the former factory 062 in Desná, privatised the plant, by means of direct sale of companies, on 1 April 1995 on the grounds of a winning project.


The production of technical porcelain started in 1947 and it specialized especially in laboratory porcelain. In the course of the following years the production of porcelain pipes for high-voltage fuses has been introduced as well as other technical porcelain and ceramics products for various technical branches.

A significant part of the production is taken by the manufacture of, for example, moulds for gloves, porcelain beer mats, cutlery handles with original onion decoration, or products for the glass-making industry such as incineration crucibles, spout rings, and other products for various industrial branches according to customers’ wishes.


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